Why I love Yoga

Just 30 minutes of Yoga completely changes the way I feel and think at the moment. I woke up feeling overwhelmed with a long to do list in my head all whizzing around. I have been so busy that I neglected my yoga time these past few weeks, but today I was determined to timetable 30 minutes before I rushed on with my to do list. I use ‘movement for modern life’ yoga online which suits me at the moment as I can do it whenever I can fit it in.

I first started yoga when I was pregnant with my second child at 8weeks (16years ago). There was no such thing as antenatal yoga then (not in Lancashire anyway- although they did start up shortly after). I had a wonderful teacher who looked after me and made sure I did modified versions of poses etc. I carried on with yoga whenever I could, sometimes regularly and sometimes just for a few weeks at a time depending on life circumstances. But it is my one thing that makes me feel amazing.

After just 30 minutes- I feel stronger (mentally and physically), relaxed, focused and more positive about situations that may have been getting me down. You might be thinking that I’m a Yoga pro as I’ve been doing it for so long, but I’m not.  I find a lot of the poses difficult – I have lost strength and fitness through not practising enough and I’m not that bendy, but that’s not the point of yoga, challenge is a good thing and it focuses your mind.

I would recommend it to anyone 🙂

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