What is Reiki?

A little background on Reiki and it’s benefits.

I felt a calling to learn this skill to complete my portfolio for understanding and helping my clients with their health goals holistically, and it fits in perfectly.

Reiki energy is the universal energy that flows throughout. It balances the physical, emotional and mental forces and brings them into harmony as well as releasing stale, negative energy.

Reiki works by focusing energy on the chakra centres through the body, the therapist moves through the centres in turn. Sometimes heat or tingling may be felt by the patient. Note that Reiki does not need to rely on touch to be performed as is the case for massage, and can be a hands-on or hands-off therapy. Reiki healing results in a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being; physical, emotional and mental pain is often alleviated.

Although the science behind Reiki cannot yet be explained, it is now a well-accepted therapy and specialised reiki centres can be found in some hospitals. Reiki is suitable for anyone with any or no health conditions and for all ages and is safe to use in pregnancy and for babies.  Please contact me for further information and to book a session.

See also the Reiki page on the Cancer Research website:


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