Sonya Jolly

I’m feeling fantastic! Having felt like something wasn’t quite right for some time I wanted to do something but wasn’t sure exactly what and I was a little apprehensive initially as I didn’t appreciate how much what we put into our bodies can have such a big effect on the way we feel and can cause unwanted symptoms.

Helen explained everything to me, at each step, in a way in which was easy for me to understand and she is obviously extremely knowledgeable.

The recipes she gave to me were tailored to my needs and around what I did/didn’t like to eat and she also took into account the fact that I often cook for my children and partner.

I now feel like I have a much better understanding as to what are the right and wrong foods for me.

She’s very approachable and friendly and I enjoyed the weekly check-in sessions to make sure I was on the right track but I could also contact her at any other time for help. Thank you so much!!

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