Socca (gluten free)

These are egg-less chickpea flour pancakes and are a great alternatives to tortillas, pizza bases or roti! So quick and easy to make.


250g chickpea flour (also called gram flour or besan)

400ml cold water

1tsp dried herbs

salt and pepper

Oil for greasing pan


Place all the dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix in the water with a whisk. It’s that easy. Heat a non stick frying pan and add some oil (I use coconut oil) for greasing. When the pan is hot add/pour in the mix and swirl around like you do for pancakes/crepes. Leave on the heat for a couple of minutes before turning over. Cook this side for a further few minutes and remove to a plate. Continue cooking the rest of the mix the same way, you may need to use some more oil to grease the pan.

We had these with mixed veg curry, we’ve also used them to make enchiladas, and pizza bases! Remember they are much more filling than their wheat counterparts, which is good thing! Plus they are high in protein 🙂

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