Quick and Easy Houmous Recipe

This takes 5 minutes to make and is so delicious you’ll never buy ready prepared again.


1 400g tin chick peas, drained

1/2 tsp dried garlic powder or 1/2 clove fresh garlic

juice of 1/2 lemon (you may need a little more)

1 tsp of tahini (sesame paste)

approx 150ml olive oil (you may need a little more)

pinch of salt

pinch of paprika or chopped herbs to garnish (garnish)


Place all ingredients in a food processor or use a stick blender to puree everything together. Check the consistency and seasoning and add more olive oil/lemonjuice/salt to your liking.
Fresh houmous keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Note – you can add extra flavourings of your choice to the base recipe such as roasted red peppers, harissa, pesto …. experiment away!

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