Summer Solstice Cacao and Fire Ceremony

20jun7:30 pm10:00 pmSummer Solstice Cacao and Fire CeremonyLet's celebrate summer

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with  Helen James

An evening to celebrate the Summer Solstice

Why participate in a cacao ceremony?

These ceremonies are meditative and allow you to take time out to tune in to yourself. We set positive intentions to feel more joy and contentment in our hearts. Cacao is a ‘heart opener’ it allows energy to flow in. You open up your intuition easily.

Cacao is so much more than chocolate. It has emotional and spiritual qualities as well as the chemical nutrients that benefit our physical health. 

In a ceremony setting I use heart centred meditation and sound healing for the heart chakra. We also take the time and space to check in with our emotional health and cultivate self-compassion.  We allow the cacao drink to feed and nourish the heart and energise our whole being. 

You may find you feel calmer and more relaxed than when you came in. You might feel a sense of gentle euphoria. Cacao is known as an energetic healer and may also help with gaining intuition and clarity in many areas of your life; love, purpose, career, and spiritual growth. Journalling what comes up for you and exploring reflection may allow you to problem-solve situations that drain you or where you feel stuck.

Everyone has their own reasons why they love going to a ceremony. People say they: 

  • love the relaxed and calming atmosphere
  • they like the uplifting effects of the cacao
  • like to be with like-minded people
  • like the spirituality aspect
  • it feels like self-care, a time-out for you

Fire-Pit Ceremony

We use fire to distinguish any beliefs and thought patterns that are holding us back from living our true purpose. We each write on paper what we no longer want to believe about ourselves and let it go into the fire pit.


(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


My Home Garden

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